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NYDA Funding application forms

NYDA Funding application forms 2021-2022 pdf download: The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is a South African youth developmentagency aimed at creating and promoting co-ordination in youth development matters. The NYDA results from the merger of the National Youth Commission and Umsobomvu Youth Fund.

Who qualifies to get assistance from NYDA?

You will Qualify for NYDA if you meet the following requirements:
  • You need to be eighteen years old at the time of application
  • Need the grant for business start-up or growth
  • You need to be between the ages of 18-35 years with necessary skills, experience or with the potential skill appropriate for the enterprise
  • South African citizens and resident within the borders of South Africa
  • Are involved in the day-to-day operation and management of the business

Require grant from NYDA of not less than R1,000.00 and not more than R200,000.00 (for cooperatives the maximum threshold is R250,000) for individuals and companies and the following thresholds apply:

NYDA Thresholds

*for agriculture and technology related projects the maximum threshold is R250,000.00N.B: Threshold submissions requirements applies

NYDA Grant types

Grants will be granted to the following:· 

  • Individuals
  • Co-operatives
  • Community Development Facilitation Projects

Service Delivery Standards

The grant applications will be processed at a branch within 30 working days· Disbursement for approved will be processed at the Head Office within 30 working days

Credit Checks

The NYDA shall conduct credit checks for all grant applications for funding.· A grant applicant who is under debt administration shall not be considered for funding.

How to Apply for Grant/Funding at NYDA

Contact NYDA Call Centre on: 0800 52 52 52.

Or visit your nearest NYDA branch.Click here to see your nearest branch

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