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SkinCell Medical Aesthentic & Spa


SkinCell Medical Aesthetic & Spa


Website Design


Development, UX, UI


SkinCell Medical Aesthetic & Spa: At, we’re proud to showcase our recent project for SkinCell Medical Aesthetic & Spa, a professional Laser, Spa, and Beauty clinic nestled in the heart of Johannesburg.

Our team was entrusted with the task of designing their website, The goal was to create an online platform that encapsulates the calming and rejuvenating atmosphere of SkinCell’s brick-and-mortar clinic, while also providing the necessary information about their treatments and services in a user-friendly format.

We also took charge of setting up and managing their professional email system. This involved creating tailored email addresses to represent SkinCell’s brand consistently and managing the system to ensure reliable, secure communication.

Website Design

Our approach to the website design focused on capturing SkinCell’s commitment to wellness and tranquility. The design features soothing color palettes and high-quality images, coupled with intuitive navigation for an enhanced user experience. We also included detailed service pages, ensuring visitors could easily understand and explore the array of wellness offerings provided by SkinCell.

Email Setup & Management

To bolster SkinCell’s professional image, we set up customized email addresses aligned with their business domain. Not only does this lend credibility to their communication, but it also reinforces brand consistency. On the management front, we’ve ensured a secure and reliable email system that can handle the demands of their growing business while keeping their data protected.


The newly designed website and our email services have together elevated SkinCell Medical Aesthetic & Spa’s online presence, reflecting their dedication to providing a place for renewal and recharge. It’s been a pleasure to support their mission of promoting wellness and helping individuals embark on their wellness journeys by healing the body, mind, and soul.

SkinCell Medical Aesthetic & Spa: At, we’re committed to empowering businesses like SkinCell Medical Aesthetic & Spa to achieve their vision through our comprehensive digital solutions. We’re delighted to have been a part of their journey and look forward to continuing our partnership.

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